Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry Makeover

Makeovers can be pretty exciting!  We're in the midst of a web site makeover at Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry.  We still have some things to finish up and tweak, but the visual elements are in place.  Forgive us for bragging, but we're in love with the new look and feel of our site. 

We'll miss our old logo with the Blue Ridge Mountains, but we think our new watercolor roses suit us to a tee.   It's romantic and modern, yet has a bit of a nostalgic quality, too. Take a look at the new Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry and see what you think.

If you've purchased from us before and signed up for our newsletter, you'll soon be receiving an invitation to special savings to celebrate.  

If you're new to Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry, shop now with a 10% discount by using this discount code at checkout:  BRJNEW

Either way, we hope you'll enjoy the results of our makeover.  A whole new look, but the same romantic, one of a kind jewelry you've come to expect from Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry since 1991.