Friday, November 12, 2010

Lucky Koi Fish Freshwater Pearl Necklace - Symbol Jewelry

Lucky Koi Carnelian Pearl Necklace
from Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry
According to Japanese legend, the strongest koi swims upstream until it reaches the final waterfall, where it vaults into the mists and becomes a water dragon.  The koi a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement.  Because of its strength and determination to overcome obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals.  The koi is generally accented as a symbol of good fortune by many cultures in the world.
Swim little fishies. Symbolizng renewal, this koi fish necklace is a wonderful talisman and perfect for any nature lover. Electric colors of orange. I've combined natural burnt orange Carnelian with amazing orange Freshwater Pearls. All hand wire wrapped with copper jewelers wire. Focal is a three dimensional hand carved natural Carnelian koi fish. Beautiful details in this gemstone pendant. This is a beautiful necklace in gorgeous colors and filled with positive symbolism.  Brought to you by Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rare Gold Pottery Shard Pendant Pink Pearl Necklace

Pink Pearl Floral Pottery Shard Necklace
from Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry
Wear a piece of ancient history with this handcrafted pottery shard necklace from Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry. I love these vintage Ming or ching Dynasty pottery shards. Unfortunately the genuinely old ones are becoming scarce. This is one I've been hanging onto for quite awhile.

This is a rare pottery shard pendant with a gold open back bezel setting. Lovely flower pattern on a white background. Sweet and pretty. Rich shades of pink and green.

For the necklace I've used gold jeweler's wire to hand wire wrap beautiful pink Freshwater Pearls in shades of rose, mauve, rhubarb and raspberry, along with some juicy green Aventurine to coordinate perfectly with the pottery shard pendant. Gold accents and absolutely gorgeous.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Great Gift Idea for a Mother - Vintage Mother and Child Cameo Bracelet

Mother and Child Cameo Bracelet
from Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry
Lovely vintage cameo with a mother and child incorporated into a handcrafted bracelet. Vintage 1950-60's hard resin cameo is domed; blue with ivory white design. Intricate details. I've surrounded the cameo with beautiful Blue Lace Agate and Mother of Pearl all hand wire wrapped.

A thoughtful gift that is perfect any time.  View more vintage cameo necklaces and bracelets at Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vintage Geisha Chinese Pottery Shard Blue Coral Necklace

Blue Coral Geisha Pottery Shard Necklace
from Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry
This handcrafted necklace features beautiful blues and an unusual Chinese geisha pendant. I love these antique Ching Ming Dynasty pottery shards, especially this one with it's unusually ornate silver setting. Potter shard itself is a vintage pottery fragment showing a lovely Geisha. Hand wire wrapped with sterling silver and accented with Bali beads. Lots of large blue Coral gemstone beads are accented with teeny seed pearls in creamy white. Wear a piece of history with this lovely handmade pottery shard pendant necklace from Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Vintage Blue Rose Cameo Necklace - Romantic Floral Jewelry

Vintage Blue Rose Cameo Necklace
from Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry
I love incorporating genuine vintage items in my jewelry creations, especially cameos.

This is a very Victorian style handcrafted cameo necklace. I have just a couple of these incredible vintage cameos and they are very special. Gorgeous roses in royal blue and gold under a glass dome. Set in a vintage brass setting and accented with a brass repousse drop of flowers. Lots of deep royal blue crystals are accented with vintage brass rondelles. Lovely natural patina on all the vintage brass. Incredible details and delightfully romantic.

Fabulously romantic vintage jewelry gift idea for someone special.

Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry offers handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more in many themes.  We specialize in romantic floral jewelry.